Is Your Business Leveraging the Marketing Opportunities From LinkedIn

Is Your Business Leveraging the Marketing Opportunities From LinkedIn?

According to a recent study by Responsify, leveraging digital platforms is an effective way to boost web traffic and sales. One of the most preferred platforms is LinkedIn — a business and employment-oriented service that grants job hunters and seekers to fulfill their needs. 

As an entrepreneur, how can your business leverage the opportunities from LinkedIn? Do you have sufficient ways to make the most out of its features?

Ways to Get Leverage on LinkedIn


What are your business goals? How can you achieve these goals through LinkedIn marketing? The top priority is to improve your online presence. 

  • Promote brand awareness. Set your tone through videos and images. For example, if your business is in the construction industry, show that your team can finish a project in less time while ensuring the best quality.
  • Publish engaging content. LinkedIn content creation is more effective than Twitter and Facebook for B2B purposes. It promotes better engagement and brand awareness.


Who are the people that you should target? LinkedIn enables you to search through and get connected to more than 700M users. LinkedIn data is accurate and organized into categories such as:

  • Geography
  • Industry
  • Field of Study

Use LinkedIn Account Targeting to connect with a wider audience.

Ensure that your target audience gets valuable insights from your content. Utilize LinkedIn paid services to get your messages across to a wider audience. This includes LinkedIn Feed, Inbox, InMail, and display advertisement. If your small business delivers great content, B2B engagements will increase and have a huge positive impact on your business. You can also join LinkedIn Groups to engage in forums with potential clients and other industry leaders.


LinkedIn analytics has similar features to Google analytics and can do wonders for your marketing campaigns. It helps you monitor organic impressions, click-through rate, and engagement rate. Access to these metrics allows you to create or adjust your content strategy to get the results you want.

Key Takeaway

LinkedIn is an essential marketing tool to help you grow your network. Beef up your LinkedIn business page and post content regularly to improve your online presence. It’s the best platform to connect with industry professionals and potential clients.  

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