Learn how to share your brand of leadership

Learn how to share your brand of leadership

Excellent leadership is essential in running an organisation. You will rightly expect that most in the company will look up to you for guidance and advice, especially new employees. But how do you radiate your leadership style to all and sundry, so you can lead by example?

Know Your Values

Our core values and principles make you a unique individual. They give us an insight on how to look at certain situations and help us create decisions that will benefit everyone. Furthermore, our values influence how we treat other people, so knowing them can encourage us to change or develop traits to become better organisational leaders. 

If we value trust, teamwork and loyalty, our team members are more likely to adopt these traits. However, if we tend towards doubtfulness or indecisiveness, they may not. Try to establish the values you believe so that your team can see them and follow you for the long run. 

You can take inspiration from predecessors, or industry leaders that your team may also know. It will be a tremendous help if there is someone that can also influence them aside from you.

Know Your Teams’ Motivations

People have different backgrounds, past experiences and knowledge. Comparing each of them will only create a gap between members, which will not benefit the company. Instead, see yourself in their shoes and try to think from their perspective. You can also push them using their strengths and help them alleviate their weaknesses. Each can become an excellent member of the team if you, as a leader, know how to cultivate their potential. 

Keep Abreast of Challenges

While you don’t need to identify every issue out there, it would be a massive advantage for the team if you live and breathe the company’s current problems and help them find solutions to these problems. However, it would be a more significant help if you could foresee potential issues and take action to prevent these things from happening

Take Timely and Relevant Actions

You may think that you can’t make immediate changes because you’re the new person in charge, but all the more reason that you should create timely and relevant actions for the team. These decisions can help them feel that you are there to support them and dependable enough to make wise decisions. You are their leader, and it is something that you should stand up for. 

Draw Up Your Personal Goals and Cascade Them

As the leader of the organisation, you need to create your set of goals for the team. It is something that you want the team to achieve while you are in the position. However, these are things that you should not keep to yourself; let your teams know what you look forward to and what you expect from them to be in sync. You can also ask for suggestions to let them know you are there to listen, and their words can contribute to the company’s success.

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