Luca Rodella on Building Trust in Hotel Revenue Management

Ever wondered how a hotel revenue management system can massively scale its operations, reaching over 2,000 clients across continental Europe? Join us for an insightful conversation with Luca Rodella, co-founder of Smart Pricing, as we unravel their expansion strategies and how they overcame initial objections to using their system. 

Luca shares his experience using both inbound and outbound marketing tactics and how incubating Smart Pricing within their own company helped build trust with customers.

Fundraising is crucial for any growing venture, and in this episode, we discuss how Luca has positioned Smart Pricing to attract investors. Not only that, but also learn about the importance of creating a company culture that allows for mistakes and encourages employee engagement. 

Luca shares the strategies he has used to reach potential employees through his social networks, and reflects on the communication mistakes made while scaling the company. Don’t miss Luca’s overview of his investor pitch and how he conveys the company’s story in a compelling manner.

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