Marketing domination in 90 days, but start with this first; with Gary Geiman

Honesty and Integrity are just some of the most common core values businesses have. But how do your company’s core values can help you #getnoticed? You need to be very specific, says, Gary Geiman, Business Growth Expert of DMN8 Partners – very specific on how you interact with your employees and customers, and how your standard operating procedures are put in place based on those core values and based upon what it is that needs to be done to complete the different processes.

Gary also elaborates on how you could do that, and he also shared DMN8’s four core values and how these values are helping their agency #getnoticed. He also explains how you can get your employees, remote and on-site, and customers to buy into your core values, and what efforts they are doing to get DMN8 #getnoticed. He also shared about his book called ‘Dominate Your Marketing in 90 days,’ which is a daily guide to success to teach you the skills that you need and then tells you, day 1, 2, 3, all the way through 90, exactly what you should be doing each day to dominate your marketing strategies.

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