James Rose

Name 3 things you and your best clients have in common by James Rose

I would say we all share a fundamental sense of integrity, combined with ambition and focus.

These are 3 key commonalities I often see, but they’re also important characteristics of any successful partnership, investment or acquisition.

Without integrity, working relationships or transactions become much more difficult to manage, and I think this has to be at the centre of all client engagements.

From here we need to share a strong ambition for the business, and understand that there’s much more that be achieved collectively than can be individually.

Once that has been established and defined, we then have to be able to ruthlessly prioritise and focus on what matters the most.

Getting aligned on this last point is often the hardest to achieve, yet highly impactful for the business.

About James Rose

James is a UK based Founder, Investor and Board Advisor with a passion for entrepreneurship, and supporting small business growth. With two decades of commercial experience, James has enjoyed a diverse career, pursuing a number of emerging market trends such as overseas property development, e-commerce, video technology and SaaS. James now shares his expertise through meaningful equity partnerships, investing in companies that are seeking to accelerate their growth and work towards a financial exit. His investment and advisory firm, Rose Equity Partners, boasts a selection of global partners that include media and technology companies, M&A Advisors, private investors and acquirers. Outside of his career James loves to explore new cultures, often traveling abroad with his young family, and spending time by the coast in North Wales. He also continues to invest heavily in his ongoing personal and professional development - regularly attending International conferences and networking with influential entrepreneurs.

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