James Trevelyan

Name 3 things you and your best clients have in common.

A) We are all human and share a need for cooler air when it’s too hot.
B) We all live on Earth and there is no alternative planet waiting for us. Now that humanity is a significant influence on Earth’s ecosystem, we have a common interest in protecting it.
C) Thinking of our distributors as our clients, we have a common need to provide our customers with a great product that they enjoy using, providing cool air for comfort when needed at lower cost and with negligible impact on our planet’s ecosystem.

About James Trevelyan

James Trevelyan is an engineer, educator, researcher and start-up entrepreneur. As founder and inventor of Close Comfort, he is introducing new energy-saving, low emissions air conditioning technology for a global market. His research on engineering practice helped define the Engineers Australia professional competencies for chartered engineers. His books “The Making of an Expert Engineer” and “Learning Engineering Practice” are influencing the future of engineering education in universities and workplaces. He is best known internationally for pioneering research on sheep shearing robots from 1975 till 1993 and for the first industrial robot that could be remotely operated via the internet in 1994. He has worked as an expert witness on several significant intellectual property matters in Australia and internationally. He has also managed his family investment portfolio for several decades and has advised family investment companies in the UK and Australia.

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