Overcoming the Challenges of Young Entrepreneurship with Bart-Jan Leyts of Loreca

In this episode, Jim is talking to Bart-Jan Leyts, a 23-year-old Young Entrepreneur who has built a company called Loreca in the hotel and hospitality industry. They discuss how Bart-Jan has managed to get 296 hotels to sign up for his AI-based hospitality revenue enhancement platform, as well as how he overcame the challenges of being a Young Entrepreneur and introducing new tech to a traditional industry.

They also talk about how Loreca works, and how the algorithm manages to “game the system” on sites like Booking.com and Expedia. They discuss how Bart-Jan has been proving himself and building the Loreca brand through speaking opportunities, trade associations and word-of-mouth marketing. Bart-Jan also shares advice on how to #getnoticed as a Young Entrepreneur, encouraging listeners to take one day in two or three weeks to be bold and send emails to local press, start endorsements, and reach out on social media.

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