Christantio Giovanni

Pitch your business to a complete stranger who knows nothing about your industry by Christantio Giovanni

Videos are great marketing tools, but they can get expensive to make. Companies with tighter budgets may miss out on the benefits video marketing brings. Oneshot aims to level the playing field by giving these businesses the capability to create beautiful marketing videos on their own, at affordable prices. We have a wide selection of templates pre-built and pro-designed for a range of industries and business goals. Our online editor is easy to use, with a point-and-click interface. Users can create a high-quality, pro-grade video in just three simple steps. It is the world’s simplest video maker.

About Christantio Giovanni

Christantio (also known as ‘Tio’) is the co-founder of Oneshot, an online tool that seeks to make video creation accessible and affordable for all businesses. Tio is an animator by training and has close to a decade of design and animation experience at a motion graphics company. He co-founded Oneshot together with longtime comrade Cindy Chay to empower resource-strapped businesses to create high-quality videos for social media marketing. Oneshot is the world’s simplest video maker and has hundreds of pre-built and pro-designed templates catered to all types of brands and business goals.

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