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Pitch your business to a complete stranger who knows nothing about your industry by Dark Joseph Ravine

I pitched my business to a man named Evgueni and he said that Kindness for Success is amazing because the items are more than just items. They are items encouraging others to promote kindness compared to other items that just look good or are used for personal benefit. No matter where a Kindness for Success branded item is worn, it serves as encouragement to others and is advertised to a whole new audience. Displaying these items allows people who wear the clothing of my brand to actively take part in the kindness movement, encouraging others to rise to the challenge of helping bring more kindness in the world. People tend to imitate others. The more we can get others to support the kindness trend, the more we bring about a positive change in the world.

Dark Joseph Ravine

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Social media influencer and founder of Kindness for Success. Mission to promote positivity and kindness worldwide.

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