Rick DellaRatta

Rick DellaRatta talks about his greatest accomplishment and how that accomplishment can benefit you TODAY!

People used to say Jazz for Peace™ was simply “too good to be true”. Then one day, they realized Jazz for Peace had become a proven model, and they decided to TRUST THE EASY PROCESS starting by submitting their comment https://jazzforpeace.org/latestcomments.pdf For those who ARE who they really SAY they are, and want to DO what they really SAY they want to do, NOW IS THE TIME to simply TRUST THE PROCESS and allow our Award Winning Team to give YOU the same helpful step forward that 850 others have already received for over 20 years as detailed here: https://jazzforpeace.wordpress.com/about/

About Rick DellaRatta

As the Multi Instrumentalist, Pianist, Composer and Founder of Jazz for Peace™, Rick DellaRatta is now considered by many to be one of the finest Singer/Pianists performing today and one of only a handful of Jazz Artists who can make a successful musical presentation to a large audience without having to abandon the true art form of Jazz. Through his life long endeavor to help advance people to their highest potential through the understanding of Jazz as well as spreading peace worldwide through his "Jazz for Peace World Tour", Rick DellaRatta is considered to be an innovator and a visionary.

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