Should You Hire an Intern for your Small Business

Should You Hire an Intern for your Small Business?

As a small or medium business owner, you do not settle on your product’s capability alone. You need to pay attention to your workers as they are vital in achieving your business goals. But some startups are not yet ready to employ experienced professionals, it could be because of budget concerns or other reasons. And that shouldn’t be a problem as you can consider hiring interns for your business.

So, why should you hire interns? Are they worth the time and resources? Read along to get the answers.

Reason 1: You Can Help Them Reach Their Potential

Most interns probably have less or even zero experience in your niche. But remember, these individuals are actually willing to work for you as they gain the experience they need. Interns apply for internship programs to practice what they have studied. They have essential skills that can help manage various tasks in your business. 

Reason 2: They Can Provide the Support Your Business Needs

Most fresh graduates or students don’t have prior experience. The lack of work experience should not be a problem if you focus on trust-building. As a business owner, whether it is small or medium-sized, you have the option to cater to their eagerness to learn.

Hiring interns can ease your business workload. Give them the opportunity to show what they can do and delegate tasks based on their skills. It is a win-win quota when interns gain experience from your business while you lessen your workload. 

Reason 3: Get Fresh Marketing Insights

In small to medium businesses, an effective marketing strategy is essential that can lead to expansion. Your business can learn from fresh social and digital strategies performed by your interns. But make sure to give them credit for ideas they contribute to your brand.

They can help your business improve brand awareness with skills they can bring to the table. 

So, why should you not hire interns?

In 2018, over 57% of interns received full-time job offers after graduation. This survey of NACE reveals that interns benefit themselves and the businesses. If you are thinking about the salary cost, this is not a problem. Many established businesses hire interns in exchange for resume inclusion.

Interns need real-world experience to help them develop. And the businesses they work for play a big part in honing their skills and teaching best practices.


Working with interns is also a good strategy to hone your workforce management skills. You are opening doors for them to experience a real job. In a nutshell, these interns will bring you productivity and takeaways to improve your business operations.

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