Social Media Overwhelm? This $24M Company Solved It

Feeling buried under notifications across all your social accounts? Wish you could easily manage posting while tracking ROI? Emeric Ernoult, CEO of social media management platform Agorapulse, shares how he solved this digital chaos.

Learn how Emeric bootstrapped from nothing to $24M revenue and 31,000 clients. Hear why targeting micro-influencers and SEO ultimately drove early traction for Agorapulse. Find out how their unique social media attribution links purchases to platforms and individual posts.

Emeric also explains common social media mistakes, like simply repurposing content without fueling engagement. Get his advice on when NOT to prioritize social, plus tips for transitioning inbound marketing to outbound as you scale.

If uncoordinated social media makes you want to log off for good, don’t miss this episode. Emeric’s story will inspire you to strategically streamline your online presence.

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