Soundbite: How the world’s greatest library, Wikipedia, can help you build your reputation and #getnoticed.

Almost everything under the sun is Wikipedia-ble nowadays. But you should know that being Wikipedia-ble is not always a good thing as it could make or break you, or your business’, reputation. That’s why the Pixel Master and CEO of The Mather Group, Josh Greene, says that it’s really helpful to at the very least understand what’s going on underneath the hood at Wikipedia.

In this episode, Josh shared what, and who, Wikipedia is and takes us under the hood. He also shares how you could be a contributor and editor of the content on the site, how you can request to rectify a content, and how it could be a part of your overall reputation strategy and get you noticed. He also explains how they, at The Mather Group, can help your business #getnoticed through Wikipedia monitoring just like monitoring your SEO results.

You can also order a copy of Josh’s Wikipedia for Business: Supercharge your business book on Amazon.

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