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Samantha Sin, Founder of One Yoga Studio

Samantha Sin, the founder of One Yoga Studio and Samantha Yoga. A young yogi who believes that yoga can change lives. What’s your story? Inhale….. try to focus on your breathing for a moment. Feel the air coming through your nose; into your lungs. Feel your lungs expanding… now, relax …

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Karen Foo, Motivational Speaker

Bullied at school for not being able to speak confidently, Karen Foo came through her personal trials to become a confident motivational speaker. What’s your story? I was always the quietest student in school and bullied because of it. Some teachers and relatives wondered what was wrong with me because …

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Amra Naidoo, Co-Founder of Accelerating Asia

Amra Naido has worked at various levels to create and execute high-impact marketing and communications strategies within the commercial and social sectors. She is the co-founder of Accelerating Asia, a regional startup acceleration program and corporate innovation consultancy. What’s your story? I always knew that I wanted to combine social …

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