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Sulayman Tun-Ismail – Entrepreneur

Sulayman Has Pioneered Completely Digital Business Cards What’s your story? I grew up and was educated in Australia before returning to Malaysia to join a big regional bank. The first year, when I received my business cards, the printed details were smudged on most of the cards. It was pretty annoying …

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Bradly Ng – Director of Sky Matters Limited

Bradly’s DIY Platform Provides Interactive Marketing Solutions What’s your story?Starting at a young age, I always wanted to set up a business where I could interact with people.  I was fortunate to study and live in The Netherlands and Canada for over 15 years which gave me the opportunity to …

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Zhou Wenhan, CEO of Smart Walkie Talkie

Wenhan started his career in the mobile space back when apps where something on Nokia (dumb)phones. Now he is looking ahead to bring mobility to underserved enterprise workers. What’s your story?My career has been built around the mobile space. I got into mobile (2009) really early by trying to create …

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