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5 Reasons You should Forecast More Frequently in Unprecedented Times – Tim Gray

Supply chains crisscross the globe and bring together goods, technology, people, innovation, training, and investment to manufacture products that most people couldn’t access, or afford to buy, a few decades ago. Supply chains form the backbone of the global economy. And when times are good and a company’s supply chains …

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6 Things You Should Know Before You Pitch to a Big Customer

This article has been contributed by Bronwyn Reid | Entrepreneur Insights Series Almost every small business owner starts their business venture with the hope of eventually landing a big-name company as a client. Instead of constantly chasing leads and having a “feast or famine” bank account, your new contract will …

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Sabarudin Hashim, Chief Growth Officer of RenoTalk

RenoTalk is a renovation and interior design review site for property owners in Singapore to talk and engage on renovation matters. What’s your story? I started out as a digital marketing adviser for SMEs (small-to-medium enterprise) and startups. One of the clients that I advised was in the home renovation …

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