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Nealda Yusof, Founder & Consultant of Semoegy Advisers & Ventures

Using knowledge to drive innovation, Nealda Yusof is making medical resources and training more accessible through her business Semoegy. What’s your story? I started a business in Singapore – Semoegy Advisers & Ventures, providing online courses and information resource for medical technology. I’ve been in the medical technology business for …

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Jasveer Malaney, Professional Leadership Coach

Through transformational coaching, Jasveer helps todays leaders and executives achieve their potential.  Using her strong background in leadership management and international recruitment, Jasveer achieves breakthrough performances in her clients with her iconic training program. What’s your story? I am a transformational coach who helps leaders and executives unleash their full …

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Dilip Mukerjea, Owner & Managing Director of Brain Dancing

Can your brain dance? How innovative ideas and powerful learning systems can transport your organisation from ideas to cash, prosperity to progress and vision to victory. What’s your story? Since age one, I have been travelling the world, whereby my education, classroom-to-boardroom, has encompassed a smorgasbord of exotic learning experiences …

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