The global reach of gaming influencers

The global reach of gaming influencers

Gaming influencers are the rising stars of the web. While their activity is largely confined to specific gaming niches, many have gained popularity among people of all ages worldwide shaping opinions of diverse audiences, subcultures and communities.

The Rise of Gaming Influencers

The gaming scene has gained increasing recognition in the past two decades. Recent years have seen video games grow increasingly competitive, with critics putting the medium on par with mainstream forms of entertainment. 

Today, streamers found their home in platforms like Twitch, and many have grown a following that puts them in the same league as popular social media influencers. They stream mainstream games like Fortnite, League of Legends and Call of Duty, and niche titles like DOOM, Paper Mario and Animal Crossing. 

Additionally, the gaming influencer clique has now gone beyond streaming as people start following the likes of game developers, video game critics and journalists covering video games. More people now follow gaming influencers – that is, nearly one in 10 individuals, as specified in a recent YouGov report.

What Makes Gaming Influencers Popular?

  • Video games are popular.
    There are approximately 2.69 billion gamers worldwide as of 2020. These people are likely to follow influencers who frequently talk about their beloved hobby.
  • Gaming influencers are fun folk.
    Gaming influencers know their games really well, and many of them are really good at playing them. They create rather enjoyable content and become front and centre of entertaining esports events, among others. Overall, watching them play or talk about video games is a fun experience for video game enthusiasts.
  • They offer valuable gaming insights and reliable video game news.
    Gaming influencers’ in-depth knowledge of the video games they play is more than enough reason for gamers to follow them. Plus, they tend to get insider information on video game development and first dibs on games that are yet to come out. 

Why Businesses Should Work With Gaming Influencers?

It is high time for businesses to tap the global appeal of gaming influencers. Doing so opens up various opportunities for growth, including the following: 

  • Gaming influencers have great marketing potential.
    These influencers may not have the same volume of followers as their other counterparts, but their continuous growth makes up for these numbers. They make for great marketing partners, and their reach is expected to grow in the years to come. 
  • They can expose your brand to a broader audience.
    The diverse global reach of gaming influencers gives businesses access to a large, international community of people with shared interests. Needless to say, this can pave the way for mutually beneficial partnerships. 
  • They can help you maximise audience engagement.
    Businesses can work with gaming influencers to engage their audience through multiple touchpoints. This is particularly helpful for game development and related companies, as it lets them promote their product from development right to its post-launch marketing. 

Gaming influencers are experts and celebrities in their own right. Their massive and growing following makes them the perfect fit for meaningful business collaborations, and their reach practically puts a global audience right on the business’ fingertips. 

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