The needle mover strategies to convert leads to customers; with Melissa Snover

In this episode of The UnNoticed Entrepreneur, host Jim James interviews Melissa Snover, founder and CEO of “Nourish3d,” the first truly personalized nutrition product created using 3D printing technology. Melissa shares her inspiring journey of how she came up with the idea for “Nourished” and built it into a successful brand. From drawing the initial sketch on a napkin to navigating compliance and marketing challenges, Melissa’s story is a testament to the power of innovation and hard work.

Melissa shares her tips on how she built the brand and how entrepreneurs can get noticed. She suggests focusing on earned media, targeted social media outreach, and SEO, as well as finding engaged communities who are interested in the product. Melissa also highlights the importance of investing in manufacturing and compliance, especially when it comes to health products.

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