This consultancy business created their own video studio to grow and #getnoticed; With Robert Roche III

Podcasting, as we mention again and again in this show, is one great way to #getnoticed. But with today’s competition, you always have to think of ways and technologies to always get to the next level to always stay in the limelight. In this episode, Executive Producer of Forward Obsessed, Robert Roche, explains how you could take your podcast to the next level, and why your podcast should be forward-looking and not self-serving.

In this episode, Robert shares about the Forward Obsessed podcast and how they make it forward-looking by igniting conversations about industries and communities, and how they do it. He also shares some of the tools they use and ways they do for their post-production processes, and what podcast publishing platforms  (yes, more than one platform) they use to stream their podcast videos online, and why they use more than one.

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