This personal brand expert shares how creating a culture of evangelist employees and active listening can help you #getnoticed

We all know that employees are a huge factor in a company’s success. But my guest today, Chellie Phillips, Founder, and Owner of Successfully Ever After, strongly believes that’s it’s more than just the company’s success, but an entrepreneur’s and company’s personal branding. As she says in this episode, ‘it has to start with the actual mission that you have in getting the employees involved in that vision for where the company is going and what you want to achieve.’

Chellie explains in this episode how you can #getnoticed through active listening, reaching out to media (great tip from her as a former journalist), and especially, sharing the limelight with others. She also shared how creating a culture of evangelist employees with shared values can help you and your company’s personal brand and success, why your branding is important to be real and authentic, and some tips on how she keeps the alignment with all of her employees within her business.

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