This project of passion got filmmaker entrepreneurs and KidzCinema noticed in one-third of the whole world

COVID has certainly brought something good and some opportunities to a lot of people. Just like to Praveen Nagda, Founder and CEO of Peregrine PR and Festival Director of KidzCinema, and to the filmmakers who took part in the first two editions of the film festival. From an idea of a project of passion that could also bring some business opportunities, Praveen is one of the people who initiated the KidzCinema 2020 with one-third of the countries worldwide taking part during the first two editions.

In this episode, Praveen shares the idea and inspiration behind the KidzCinema, their brilliant ways of involving children in the film festival, some ways to raise funds for a large-scale industry but charging very minimal, or even free, to the participants, and how it got noticed.

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