Tip of the Spear Sam Palazzolo shares the 4 key points an investor wants to see in a presentation.

Entrepreneurs miss the target because they focus on their own story and not on what the investors need to hear, and they also pitch the wrong investors too often. Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, Author, Leadership Professor, and Nonprofit Philanthropist… Sam Palazzolo brings a variety of value creation topics to entrepreneurs and business leaders. His ideas and actionable takeaways are captured in his five books, the most recent being Leading at the Tip of the Spear Ventures. He shares practical tips on the 4 key points venture funds want to have in the deck, and also talks about their phone first, email second approach and how he uses the online chat bot to secure business.

Also check Sam’s “Business Transformation Self-Assessment Workbook” here http://hubspot.tipofthespearventures.com/business-transformation

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