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Top Replies: 3 Things You and Your Best Client Have In Common

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Here’s some of our favourite replies to … Name 3 things you and your best clients have in common. 

A) We are all human and share a need for cooler air when it’s too hot.

B) We all live on Earth and there is no alternative planet waiting for us. Now that humanity is a significant influence on Earth’s ecosystem, we have a common interest in protecting it.

C) Thinking of our distributors as our clients, we have a common need to provide our customers with a great product that they enjoy using, providing cool air for comfort when needed at lower cost and with negligible impact on our planet’s ecosystem.

James Trevelyan, Author of “The Making of an Expert Engineer”

1) A keen focus on success and sustainable growth

2) Open and honest feedback and discussion

3) A desire to learn and constantly get better

Terng Shing Chen, CEO and Founder of SYNC PR

1) We both have “integrity” as our core values

2) We are extremely flexible when it comes to payment/delivery/fulfillment of goods

3) We see each other as bros/sis rather than client/vendor

Zac Chua, Founder and CEO of The Kettle Gourmet

1. We are silly and know how to laugh at ourselves #whysoserious

2. Insatiable curiosity

3. We love to support each other’s businesses and build a community

Sarah Kalmeta, Co-Founder of Aveita Limited

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