Dark Joseph Ravine

What are your clients really buying? (the feeling beyond the product or service you provide) by Dark Joseph Ravine

My clients are really buying the benefit that comes with each of my items, not only the physical item itself. The benefit is that my branded items promote the message of kindness and clients have an opportunity to showcase the item to their family and friends. Buying Kindness for Success items shows that clients are supporting and promoting kindness to their colleagues, which in turn, creates a chain reaction. The whole idea of “Kindness for Success” is to encourage others to be kind. The feeling beyond the products I provide is helping others remember that acts of kindness should be a priority in our lives. This is my main goal as an influencer: to promote kindness worldwide.

Dark Joseph Ravine

About Dark Joseph Ravine

Social media influencer and founder of Kindness for Success. Mission to promote positivity and kindness worldwide.

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