Yamilette Cano

What are your clients really buying? (the feeling beyond the product or service you provide)

For me, it is straightforward and clear; when it comes to soft skills development, clients buy the trust and connection they have with their trainer or coach. It will be tough to build and scale such a business if clients do not feel this connection.

They are looking for an outlet where they can be comfortable enough to drop their guard and be fully transparent and vulnerable with the process. They want to feel that they are being heard and cared for, and this can only be achieved when trust is leading the way of the conversations and interactions.

Clients buy a relationship that will help them achieve their full potential and build their confidence with a safety net to bounce off and enjoy the jumps along the way.

About Yamilette Cano

Yamilette is the founder of LOUDER Global, a penta-lingual entrepreneur with a background of 20 years in the entertainment industry and more than 10 years of global communication and speaking experience. Her passion for helping brands and individuals empower themselves and others has led her to achieve worldwide acclaim and impact.