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What belief do you hold about the military that is not shared by many? by John Waweru

One belief I hold about the military, which might not be commonly shared, is that it can benefit significantly from adopting business practices in efficiency and innovation. Incorporating agile, decentralized decision-making and fostering a culture of innovation could enhance the military’s adaptability to emerging threats. Additionally, integrating advanced AI in operations will necessitate profound changes in ethical frameworks and command structures. While many see AI as a tool for efficiency, I believe its use will fundamentally alter military engagement, requiring new doctrines to address ethical implications and ensure accountability in the use of autonomous systems.

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An accomplished Security and International Relations Expert with 30+ years of military and strategic leadership experience, seeking board membership roles in strategic leadership, security, international relations, and wildlife conservation. I am happy to diversify to other areas so as to extend my network even further.

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