Anand Narayan

What belief do you hold about your industry that is not shared by many? by Anand Narayan

In the Private Equity and Business Brokerage industry, a contrarian belief I hold is that the increasing accessibility of information and the influx of businesses entering the market will paradoxically lead to numerous small businesses struggling to find buyers due to unfavorable risk/reward ratios. Additionally, the current operational models of business brokers do not sufficiently support small business owners, indicating a significant misalignment in their interests. I am convinced that these factors will lead to substantial disruption within the next decade. Firms like Kenobi Capital, with our foresight and adaptability, are uniquely positioned to capitalize on these changes, paving the way for rapid expansion and redefining industry standards.

About Anand Narayan

I'm Anand, a Navy veteran (Nuclear Propulsion Officer and Sharp Shooter), Cornell MBA, Investor, Board Member, and Serial Entrepreneur with a flair for adventure. My entrepreneurial journey started with scaling and exiting a $65 million IT staffing company. I then started ITTDigital, an IT Services Company, and exited in 2023. Today, I spearhead Kenobi Capital, which is dedicated to maximizing founder value through a strategic exit accelerator that sets the business up for an exit to capital markets. I'm also active on multiple boards, leveraging my diverse skills to solve business challenges. My life's adventures include hiking Kilimanjaro, traveling to 50+ countries, and being a private pilot.

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