Antoine Martin

What belief do you hold about your industry that is not shared by many?

Performance coaching should be made accessible to every entrepreneur – not just to the ones who are already successful and managing large teams. For entrepreneurs, it’s a question of improving the way they work and the results they get. For the coaches, it’s a question of making the topic approachable and, even better, exciting. And when the budget really is the issue, it then becomes a question of offering self-coaching as the alternative nobody can miss! Try free on!

About Antoine Martin

I am the Co-founder & Chief Content Officer at | The Self-Coaching Toolbox for Entrepreneurs. Here is the thing: there are 600M business owners on the planet, and schools don't teach you how to deal with entrepreneurship, so we will. Built on over 10 years of business coaching expertise to create modules and tools everyone can use to build and scale their business. What are you waiting for? Join our Self-Coaching community for Small Business Owners Entrepreneurs, it's free!