Carol Gockel

What belief do you hold about your industry that is not shared by many? by Carol Gockel

Coaching is an elevated form of therapy. There has always been a distinct need to differentiate the two, in actual fact they can operate simultaneously. Humans learn from experiences and that becomes a pattern of “standard” practice to handle subsequent occurrences.

The basis of fear as well as road blocks that hold them back stemmed from those negative experiences. Therefore, understanding and coming to terms with the past will allow history not to repeat itself going forward.

About Carol Gockel

Carol Gockel is a Confidence Coach and Change Maker. She helps women unleash their inner confidence to excel in business and life through her coaching blueprint. She was recognised as one of 100 Faces of International Iconic Influencers by Aesthetics International in India, Singapore and London in 2019. She is the only Singaporean to be chosen to co-author the book – Break Through, with World’s #1 motivational speaker, Les Brown.

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