Christantio Giovanni

What belief do you hold about your industry that is not shared by many?

Video templates get a bad rap amongst marketers because they can appear too cookie-cutter and off-brand. While I agree that video templates are not suitable for every kind of video (e.g. corporate brand videos), I believe that they can be very useful for social media. Templates allow businesses, especially resource-strapped ones, to create beautiful videos for their social media pages quickly and affordably. The key is to find the right video-making tool that can help you quickly discover templates that suit your brand and business goals. You should also avoid using stock footage to keep your video from looking inauthentic.

About Christantio Giovanni

Christantio (also known as ‘Tio’) is the co-founder of Oneshot, an online tool that seeks to make video creation accessible and affordable for all businesses. Tio is an animator by training and has close to a decade of design and animation experience at a motion graphics company. He co-founded Oneshot together with longtime comrade Cindy Chay to empower resource-strapped businesses to create high-quality videos for social media marketing. Oneshot is the world’s simplest video maker and has hundreds of pre-built and pro-designed templates catered to all types of brands and business goals.

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