Dallisa Hocking

What belief do you hold about your industry that is not shared by many?

For people interested in working in the billion dollar wellness industry, you can simultaneously work on yourself and your clients at the same time. I’ve heard time and time again from individuals that they would love to become a life coach, energy practitioner or psychic, but they “have a lot of work to still do on themselves.” I believe that we are always a work in progress, and that healing journey within ourselves never ends. Be aware of holding yourself back as a form of self-sabotage. You are worthy of bringing your talents to the forefront — the world needs you!

5th Generation Psychic Medium
CEO, Spirit & Spark®

About Dallisa Hocking

CEO of Spirit & Spark® 5th Generation Psychic Medium Intuitive Business Consultant Media Producer & Host Before she became a nationally recognized Psychic Medium, mindfulness expert and intuitive business consultant, Dallisa led a very different life as an executive in the casino industry in Las Vegas. She has made matters of the heart, living authentically and teaching people how to elevate their own joy, her core mission. In 2017 she founded "Spirit & Spark," a now nation-wide company devoted to connecting individuals and groups with top spiritual and wellness service providers. Dallisa has trained with industry superstars such as Tony Robbins, Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Bruce Lipton, and Dr. Raymond Moody. She received her psychic gifts from her grandmother (Eloise) and great-great grandmother (Bell). Dallisa has also had the privilege of working on missing persons, mysterious deaths and cold cases, providing loved ones with information and closure.

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