David Wong

“What belief do you hold about your industry that is not shared by many?”

I believe that an increasing amount of golfers are more than ready for the digital transformation, and are yearning for golf courses to adapt to current needs, which shows in the growth of golfers migrating to digital means wherever possible. However, not everyone in the golf industry thinks so, since it is mostly still run by management teams that’s in the baby boomer generation, and the golf industry being a smaller subset of both the sports, hospitality, and travel industry, hence adaptation is 5-10 years behind other industries.

About David Wong

Founder of Deemples Golf App - connecting golfers for tee times. Helping the world golf more, because a bad day at the golf course is better then a good day at the office :) Previously in the digital media and technology industry, covering APAC markets. Indiana University Alumni.

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  1. Terng Shing Chen

    Interesting ideas David.

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