Hetul Patel

What belief do you hold about your industry that is not shared by many? by Hetul Patel

Reinsurance is a great industry to work in. Yes, you read that right – shared by those working in it, but maybe not those outside it. It’s fun, dynamic, and rewarding. You can specialise in a range of skills, work across the world, and learn about a broad range of topics and subjects. Unfortunately, we don’t have a great reputation as it’s not a product people get excited about buying. That’s leading to a talent shortage. We need to do a lot more to highlight the industry and what a great career opportunity it offers.

About Hetul Patel

I’m Chief Actuary of a top 10 global reinsurance company. Over my 20 years of working, I have demonstrated a track record in generating profitable growth, turning around companies and, building and leading great teams. I have focus on driving better decision making through the use data and analytics. I started my career in London, then spent 13 years in Singapore, before moving to Germany in 2021, where I’m now based.

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