Ina Bajaj

What belief do you hold about your industry that is not shared by many?

I believe the spa and wellness industry is going to experience a monumental rise. COVID19 has made everyone focus on their own health, and wellness advocates a preventative model. Wellness will not only be exclusive to spas and resorts, but the way we live in our homes will change. Homes and apartment buildings will include yoga and meditation areas, infrared saunas, ice baths and the like. A strong focus will be placed on keeping people healthy, balanced and mindful.

About Ina Bajaj

Ina Bajaj is New Zealand’s trail blazing pioneer of luxury day spas who took the notion of a simple suburban salon and massaged it into a multi-million dollar business. The one-time restaurateur turned corporate high-flyer performed a career turn in 2002 when Ina put her financial resources, energy, passion and extensive hospitality know-how into creating the East Day Spa in Wellington. Within 3 years Skycity Entertainment Group had secured EDS as their preferred luxury spa operator for the Skcyity Grand Hotel. In 2010, whilst in Bali, Ina thought that something was missing from the industry, "We like to be cutting edge and different so we created Spring as a social/lifestyle spa brand." Ina now has seven Spring Spa’s in world-class destinations such as Bali, Auckland and Wellington. The company regularly wins internationally competitive awards including the Best Spa in Asia at the 2016-2020 - World Spa Awards and Spring Bali was named as having Asia’s Most Relaxing Hair Ritual at the coveted Harpers Bazaar Best Spa Awards 2017/8.