What belief do you hold about your industry that is not shared by many?

Building a lifestyle business, with passion and hard work, is very attainable for all entrepreneurs, however, building a business that will generate wealth is very trivial, and only a very small percentage are able to navigate through the “messy middle” or the “growth paradox” to truly achieve life-changing results.

In a sports parallel, no athlete would ever dream of playing professionally without surrounding themselves with the best trainers in the world (mental, strength, speed, and nutrition coaches, etc.). Most entrepreneurs do NOT surround themselves properly and are going at it alone. Once entrepreneurs invest in surrounding themselves with the best trainers in the world (executive coach, CEO peer groups, CPA, and lawyers, etc.), they begin to work on their business in new ways and unlock the keys to building the business of their dreams.

About John St.Pierre

John is a former college hockey player that graduated with a degree in Accounting. Post-college, John relocated to Chicago and began his business career as a General Manager with FirstService Franchise Corporation. In the late '90s, John was an executive with both a venture-backed Internet company (HandymanOnline.com) and an E-Commerce start-up (WorldAtMyDoor.com). In 2003, John co-founded two companies; Legacy Global Sports, which became a large international youth sports management company, and Rhombus Group, which is today a large private holding company comprising of multiple businesses. Over the past 25 years, John has successfully grown multiple businesses to over $50M in annual revenues and has also founded Entrepreneurs United (www.EntrepeneursUnited.com) as an education and development platform to aid Entrepreneurs in growing their business, gaining access to capital, and achieving successful liquidity for their hard earn efforts without ever losing control of their business. John currently resides in New Hampshire, USA with his wife and two boys.