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What belief do you hold about your industry that is not shared by many? by Julie Catania-Shady

Marketing a book is harder than writing a book. Authors pour their hearts into writing, fueled by passion and creativity, creating worlds and characters in solitude. Writing, while tough, is a cozy solo adventure where authors call the shots. But once you pen the last word the real adventure begins! Authors step into a topsy-turvy world of marketing, where they must master the art of shouting about their work. This is hard for so many and doesn’t come naturally. A solid marketing plan is key because writing ‘The End’ is just the beginning of reaching the hearts of readers.

About Julie Catania-Shady

Julie is a Law & Order: Special Victims Unit junkie; literacy advocate, spouse to a retired Air Force airman, and mama who is simply making it through the day by the grace of caffeine and Jesus. She has a broadcast journalism and criminal justice degree from the University of Maryland in College Park. She went on to work in television, specializing in crime TV, and then advanced to investigations for the federal government. Her favorite job has been being a mommy and she is most recently known by her social media followers for her recurring pieces #conversationswithcolton. Julie lives in Oklahoma with her husband and son and is excited to inspire hope through her writing. She just published her first book: Conversations With Colton: A Story of Fear, Faith, and Doubt. Visit Julie at www.conversationswithcolton.com

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