McKing Lee

What belief do you hold about your industry that is not shared by many? by Lee McKing

Sounds weird but trance is a natural occurring phenomena that is ongoing all the time! And also that there are different kinds of hypnotic trances for different intents and purposes. Which means you have one trance for learning, one for daydreaming and fantasizing, one for creativity and idea generation… you get the picture 🙂 The moment you realize this, hypnotizing people becomes easy peasy~

About McKing Lee

McKing is a conversational hypnotist who has been helping people resolve mental and emotional issues since 2015. McKing nearly died in his sleep which cause him to develop PTSD and fell into depression, and upon learning hypnosis, he proceeded to resolve his own issues first. He understands you because he has been there before, and hence, started this practice to help people to heal and get their lives back.

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