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What belief do you hold about your industry that is not shared by many? by Ray Uddin

One belief I have about helping businesses grow and giving ESG advice that many people don’t share is that being eco-friendly and making money can go together.

Many think ESG is just about rules and costs, but I believe that when companies focus on ESG, they get more creative, build a better reputation, and make more money in the long run.
It’s our moral duty to look after the planet.

About Ray Uddin

My journey began at 10, working on Sunday market stalls. This early experience taught me the value of hard work and entrepreneurship. At 17, I took a job at McDonald's, gaining valuable insights into customer service and teamwork. These early jobs paved the way for my future endeavours. After finishing my education, I ventured into various corporate and government roles. These experiences equipped me with a broad understanding of different industries and operations. However, my entrepreneurial spirit soon led me to new challenges. At 24, I embarked on a new journey by setting up my property management company. This was a turning point that honed my business acumen and management skills. In 2015, I launched an eCommerce brand, reaching seven figures within 18 months. This successful venture was eventually sold, marking a significant milestone in my career. Following the sale of my eCommerce business, I embarked on a personal development journey to learn about mindset and how it transforms our lives. This period of self-discovery and growth has been invaluable, shaping my approach to both personal and professional challenges. Today, I dedicate my efforts to helping companies achieve growth, focusing on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices and raising funds. I currently sit on multiple company boards as an advisor, guiding ESG governance and strategic growth. In addition to my professional roles, my mission is to add value and spread joy and happiness wherever I go. This personal goal drives me to continuously seek ways to make a positive impact in both my professional and personal life.

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