Ruben Alvarez

What belief do you hold about your industry that is not shared by many?

Branding will over take the word marketing in this side of the industry. It is moving fast, but the shift from ads to influencer based marketing is happening now. Those who choose to create a personal brand will become the walking advertisements for big businesses. The power will be in the hands of the every day person who invested time and money into creating a brand with a loyal following. the everyday consumer is buying today based on the word of people they follow and respect online.

About Ruben Alvarez

Ruben Alvarez is the go to person when it comes to building and developing a brand. He has spent over 10 years dedicating himself to the craft of sales and marketing. With the times changing, he saw an opening to help thousands of people to craft their message and image online. It is not about who you know, it is about who knows you. At the end of the say, sales brings you money, but brand brings you legacy.

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