Sasha Laghonh

What belief do you hold about your industry that is not shared by many?

I provide custom business solutions laced in niche services therefore one size doesn’t fit all when working with clients. I am interested in only working with prospective clients if they host the mindset and readiness to act upon their desired individual and/or organizational goals. Business is about providing timely solutions. Patience is a virtue but you need to be patient for the right things. Empowerment is overrated since more people invest time talking about it rather than acting upon it. Reality checks are common in my path because clients need to learn how to maintain the progress they’ve made while working in partnership with me. It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO, a General Counsel, a consultant or a civilian. I value producing healthy outcomes, not enabling errant clients finding themselves in repetitive business patterns which stagnate their growth. It’s important to monitor quality versus quantity of clients seeking my services.

About Sasha Laghonh

Sasha is the Founder of Sasha Talks, a platform that integrates self & professional development into nurturing meaningful outcomes. Sasha Talks also provides an entertainment and learning stage granting voices to many global talents. As a speaker, mentor and author, she partners alongside different clients, from individuals to organizations, to capitalize upon their talent. To learn more, please visit

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