Terence Clarke

What belief do you hold about your industry that is not shared by many? by Terence Clarke

One belief that I hold, which may not be shared by many, is that the coaching industry has the power to transform individuals and organizations from the inside out. I believe that coaching is not just about fixing problems or addressing weaknesses, but about tapping into the full potential of individuals and organizations.

I see coaching as a way to unlock creativity, drive innovation, and promote growth. The power of coaching lies in its ability to create self-awareness and bring about meaningful change in people’s lives. This can result in not just improved performance, but also in increased happiness and fulfillment.

In a world where the pace of change is accelerating, I believe that coaching will become increasingly important. I believe that organizations that invest in coaching will not only see a return on investment in terms of improved performance and productivity, but they will also create a culture of continuous learning and growth.

About Terence Clarke

An accomplished professional coach, trainer, and facilitator with over 20 years of China and industry experience. As a China Permanent Residence Card holder, Terence brings a unique perspective to his coaching practice, grounded in both evidence-based practice and commercial practicalities. With a natural talent for education and storytelling, Terence is the founder of DailyCoach, and founder and content director for the motivational Wechat community GrowthHubLife. His engaging and thought-provoking content reaches thousands of followers, and he writes and speaks about mindset, coaching, motivation, leadership, and soft skills. Straightforward, realistic, and a strong enabler of his client's development, Terence is a highly sought-after professional who can help you and your team achieve exceptional results.

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