Cathy Nesbitt

What book do you most recommend to entrepreneurs? by Cathy Nesbitt

Peaks and Valleys and Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson are my picks for today. The message in both books give insight for a better business and personal life. Making good and bad times work for you. Learn to be more flexible, adaptable and less rigid. Navigating through these uncertain times can be a challenge. Simple strategies for embracing the valleys to take action during tough times make both of these reads beneficial for anyone who wants to live more joyfully. With each read, more messages are revealed. Read to enhance your mind, learn new skills and expand your horizons.

About Cathy Nesbitt

Cathy Nesbitt is a Health and Wellness Advocate. Founder of Cathy’s Crawly Composters (est 2002), Cathy’s Sprouters and Cathy’s Laughter Club. She is a multi award-winning environmental innovator who uses workshops and inspirational speaking to motivate people to live a more sustainable life. Cathy is a certified Laughter Yoga Teacher. Appointed Laughter Ambassador in 2017 by Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of Laughter Yoga. Cathy is an avid cyclist and gardener.

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