David Wong

What coming technological advancement do you expect to have the biggest impact on your business?

For golf, nothing fancy is required. The golf industry is so backward, that as long as we get to 1-2 years ago of the travel/consumer industry, it’d already be leaps and bounds ahead of what the golf industry is now.

Simple technology platforms to help all golfers with finding someone to golf with, booking tee times, submitting scores, handicap lookup, and live results would be sufficient to significantly impact the golf industry and bring it forward, making it way more accessible for the customer/golfer of today.

About David Wong

Founder of Deemples Golf App - connecting golfers for tee times. Helping the world golf more, because a bad day at the golf course is better then a good day at the office :) Previously in the digital media and technology industry, covering APAC markets. Indiana University Alumni.

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