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What coming technological advancement do you expect to have the biggest impact on your business? by John Callahan

There are some interesting technological advancements that will impact all industries and, many of these advancements, are opposing one another. Time will tell how these competing initiatives will advance forward, together, but there will be an equilibrium in the future.

Advancements in AI will dramatically impact the energy requirements of the world and energy requirements, in the USA alone, could double over the next 5-6 years.

To help mitigate this explosive consumption demand, data centers of the future will need to be much more efficient than they are today.

Next, there is a very strong trend toward sustainability and efficiency that will drive business and corporate business decisions in the future.

Lastly, the pendulum will swing back on the work from home phenomenon of the last 5 years. It won’t swing all the way back to pre-pandemic levels but it will swing back requiring efficient office staffing and space utilization- also with a very sustainable strategy.

So, the competing strategies of AI energy needs, data center advancement and efficiency, sustainability and workplace and workforce optimization will have major influences on all industries into the next few decades.

It will be interesting to observe.

About John Callahan

I have a 25+ year career working with technology and creating enterprise solutions. I began as a self-taught developer and transitioned, over many years, to Sales, Marketing, General Management and Senior and Executive Management rolls in transitional organizations within private equity and venture portfolios - guiding through 6 private exits and an IPO. I currently serve as a Strategic Growth Advisor and Fractional C-suite members for some early stage and disruptive software ventures.

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