Martin Fortier

What coming technological advancement do you expect to have the biggest impact on your business? by Martin Fortier

Exciting prospects await the insurance industry! The biggest game-changers are probably the advancements in AI and data analytics. These cutting-edge technologies are poised to transform the way we operate, offering faster and more accurate underwriting, personalized risk assessments, deeper insights into customer needs, and enhanced customer experience. In addition, I believe biotechnology breakthroughs will be transformative, impacting lives by enhancing health awareness, quality of life, and life expectancy improvement. Embracing these innovations will undoubtedly transform people’s lives and the whole insurance industry.

About Martin Fortier

I’m a Canadian insurance executive and actuary with extensive global experience. In addition to Canada, I worked in various parts of Asia for over 12 years, advising on and managing the strategic development and profitable growth of emerging businesses. I’m known for my business mindset combined with strong financial discipline and sound risk management practices. My most recent roles include General Manager for Financial Affairs, Chief Actuary, Chief Risk Officer, Chief Financial Management Officer, Chief Product Actuary, as well as Treasurer & Head of Capital Planning. I’m also experienced with Boards, as an executive and as a Board member.

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