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What coming technological advancement do you expect to have the biggest impact on your business? by Mike Somerville

For YEARS getting information and entertainment via the Internet has been growing. Exponentially. Easily overtaking that of the traditionaly medium of broadcast. The “FM Radio” in your car has a touchscreen 2 to 5 times larger than that of your smart phone, with a subset of apps that provide More and Better enterainment value than that produced in the finite bucket of local-market frequenices between 87.9 and 107.9 MHz. All with much greater fidelity ability. WE (as well as many other Commercial FM Broadasters) are not renew and effectively “tearing up” our current broadcast licences provided by the respective country’s governing body. From Boston to Bangkok our once FM Broadcast stations are streaming 110% of the time on the Internet via audio *and* video platforms; providing more value to More people and generating more revenue! The “advancement” has arguably already come… I tilt my head sideways like a confused puppy when I hear my colleages in the broadcast industry still hanging on to their FM transmitters like.. well… a confused puppy.

About Mike Somerville

I consider myself to be a fairly accomplished Senior Executive, Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Board Member with more than 35 years of success in the technology, radio, TV, IT, cloud, and start-up industries. WITH A LOT OF ROOM TO GROW! I love learning. Anything. Especially if it allows me to add value - ideally globally. Leveraging extensive experience as a global IT leader I'm considered a valuable asset for start-ups or small to mid-sized technology or consumer-focused companies based in or looking to do business in SE Asia, with a focus mainly on Thailand but of course the near-by Southeast Asia HUB of innovation: Singapore. I have developed a knack to help translate business needs to highly technical staff. Overall I'd say my areas of expertise include engineering, team building, obsession with world-class customer service, communications, enterprise software, engineering management, global strategy, and organizational leadership. Currently, I have a residence in Bangkok, Thailand and am involved in several "tech" projects. I have a passion for Revitalizing the Radio Industry with a new definition of "Radio". In 2020, I founded the fully English speaking Internet Radio station that originates from Bangkok: BKK.FM Shortly thereafter my team is re-birthing a heritage radio property 91.75 KISS FM in the very popular vacation and party city: Pattaya, Thaialnd. These two properties are now the foundational brands for what will become South East Asia's newest radio network. Prior to this permanent move to Thailand in Novemver of 2019 I was the Chief Cloud Evangelist & IT Manager of Systems Support at the University of San Diego (USD). I was honred and blessed to have a team of IT athletes and together we were responsible for the architecture and administration of the entire IT infrastructure on campus including all servers and network storage, over four data centers in San Diego, California and Phoenix, Arizona as well as extensive Cloud infrastructure extending to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft AZURE & the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Prior to my work at USD, I owned an IT consulting company (BiG I, Inc.) with offices in San Diego, CA and San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico. During this time my team and I provided high-speed wireless Internet to families living in 100% Solar powered communities.

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