Nicki Allitt

What coming technological advancement do you expect to have the biggest impact on your business? by Nicki Allitt

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in corporate communications is poised to have the biggest impact. AI-powered tools can streamline internal communication, automate routine tasks, and provide data-driven insights to improve decision-making. Advanced chatbots and virtual assistants will enhance customer service and employee support. Additionally, AI can personalize communication, ensuring messages are tailored to individual preferences and behaviors. This will lead to more efficient, effective, and engaging communication strategies, transforming how companies interact with both employees and customers.

About Nicki Allitt

Nicki Allitt is a global strategic communications executive with significant experience across a range of industries in 6 countries in Executive, Non-Executive and Advisory roles. Expert at providing strategic counsel to C-suite executives and influencing strategy across diverse global industries. Key strengths include: guiding companies through reputational and activism crises and challenges; structuring messaging around rapid change, transformations and turnarounds; financial results disclosure and communication across international stock markets and leading / matrix managing and developing international teams (>85) via strategies that add value and overcome challenges. Nicki will be soon taking up a new role, heading up the Strategic Communications team at the World Economic Forum in Geneva and will be a member of the Executive Team.

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