What coming technological advancement do you expect to have the biggest impact on your business?

There’s a lot of marketing hype and rhetoric around the digital transformation of supply chain.
We’ve been partnering and collaborating with Microsoft and some of our clients to perfect the ability to plug advanced cloud based analytics and AI solvers into our award winning planning solutions. This enables us to bring to the fore virtually unlimited processing capabilities for those times when you really need to know the absolute best solution to a planning problem.
It’s really exciting adding our 20 years’ experience and expertise helping clients to make faster more informed planning decisions to now having access to virtually unlimited power. With Microsoft’s help we are able to provide pragmatic solutions to even the most complex supply chains problems.

About Tim Gray

I work with business owners & senior managers to rapidly pinpoint complex supply chain process problems and solve them. I do this by quickly assessing the critical drivers in your supply chain and find and focus on the areas that will return the highest impact. I founded Prophit Systems because I deeply believe that if you give good people great tools and clear goals, they will give you outstanding results. We help our clients transform their supply chain management into a game changer.