Michel Haddad

What do you and your business partner, your team or your clients most often disagree about? by Michel Haddad

Disagreements can revolve around the process, the ultimate goals, or objectives. However, what truly tests our partnerships is not what we disagree about, but how we navigate those disagreements and work towards alignment to find solutions that align with our collective vision. Great teams and partnerships can do so. One approach that I find particularly effective in aiding this alignment process is putting down all the ideas on a single board without any names attached. By doing so, we can evaluate different viewpoints and approaches objectively, which often leads to better alignment and agreement on the way forward. This methodology helps eliminate personal attachments to specific ideas and facilitates a more open-minded approach towards finding solutions.

About Michel Haddad

Michel Haddad, CEO and Founder of Transcend Consulting Services, is a seasoned executive with 30 years of expertise in Business Development, Technology Strategy, and Sales Leadership, featuring a robust international background. Renowned for his enterprising leadership and innovation, Michel excels in formulating key strategies, managing P&L, driving marketing initiatives, and overseeing operations to establish results-driven and customer-focused organizations. His commitment to tangible growth, board advisory roles, and strategic AI utilization defines his success in the dynamic tech ecosystem.

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